What is Qlink (QLC)?



Qlink is world’s first decentralized mobile network. Being a decentralized mobile network, the platform is dedicated to constructing an open-sourced telecom infrastructure on the blockchain technology. It’s also a platform that allows users to share their idle WIFI or spare WIFI and get rewarded using the Qlink token. Qlink aims to build the first decentralized mobile network, in a bid to extend network coverage, reward users from sharing network assets and reduce the cost of telecom infrastructures. Recently, the platform announced it will soon carry out ICO.

The Benefits

Qlink offers user many benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • A decentralized global WIFI sharing network where users can share their ideal or spare network and be rewarded.
  • A decentralized billing system to repackage excessive data and mobile data selling to those who want to buy. The user can sell useful data for content distribution on the mobile network.
  • A decentralized enterprise telecom service, such as voice, data services and SMD on Qlink.
  • Users can deploy Qlink baseStation supports POW+POS and LTE-U consensus algorithm mining. The platform has built a decentralized telecom infrastructure.

The Youyou Mobile

The QLC has been successful in incubating Youyou Mobile. It is all about the Blockchain, telecom, Content, Big data and users. Some of the key members of the Youyou according to the platform include:

  • Team of 80
  • $20 million revenue
  • 40 operators globally
  • $6 million existed users.

Who is behind QLC?

The Qlink team is a business development and marketing team. The team consists of Susan Zhou an experienced telecom and investment expert with over 10 years of experience. She is in charge of the QLC overall business operation. It also consists of Roger Lim, an IT expert with over 20 years of experience. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Webvisions. Roger helps with Qlink’s business development. Other are Tony Gu, Allen Li Zhaio Zhijie, and Wang Peng among others. The team also includes a group of advisors and have experience in IT, cryptocurrency and investing among other things.

Hnece, Qlink uses the QLC token as its utility token on the platform. The QLC is used to pay for services and reward the user who shares their unused or spare WIFI. A total of 600 million QLCs are available during the ICO. 40% of the token is held as a provision for marketing, partnerships and future QLC expenses. 40% of purchasers, community building and Bounty and another 20% for the Qlink advisors and development team.

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