What is Qbic?




QBIC is a digital project with the main aim of making instance payments online to in-store payments using the secure open-source platform. The QBIC platform is based on the POW and masternode system which makes user stable returns on investment for master nodes holder and miners. The platform has great potential for rapid expansion and will be hosted by thousands of users around the world. By the use of masternodes, it helps keep the integrity of the QBIC Network and enable support for DarkSend and instant send.

Features of QBIC

The QBIC ecosystem comprises of many features. By using the features, the ecosystem wants to make the ecosystem a better place where users can benefit from private and instant payments online or in-store. Some of the features include:

Asic resistance coin: Using the Neoscrypt hashing platform, the QBIC ecosystem uses the ASIC resistance coin for all the payments on the platform.

50% reward for masternodes: Users of the platform and the whole ecosystem are able to earn great rewards for masternode, also there is a variety of greater investment opportunities that people can enjoy and earn great value.

QBIC blockchain: The QBIC Blockchain is also a future in the QBIC ecosystem. The Blockchain is integrated with masternode, Asic resistance and super-fast. To understand better, here are the roles these three plays.

Masternode: masternodes work is to keep the integrity of the network, enable support for Dark send, featuring the highest ROI and instant send for owners.

ASIC resistant. ASIC resistant in the QBIC blockchain is a powerful Neoscrypt algorithm to ensure efficiently, superior mining runs using GPUs.

Super-fast: all transactions on the platform are lighting fast due to integration and instant send.

QBIC coin

The QBIC coin is an innovative digital money project. The team behind QBIC wants to use the coin to make private, instant, payments online. The QBIC Coin is super-fast, secure, anonymous, difficulty retargeting, masternodes and Asic resistant.


The QBIC ecosystem has already finished the launch of QBIC blockchain, website and wallets release. They plan to launch Coins Market, Stock.Exchange, CoinsExchnage, cryptopia and other Exchanges. The features under development include Web wallet, Android App, and IOS app. They plan to launch a payment and Q2 of 2018 and Debit Card in Q4 2018.

The QBIC ecosystem using the QBIC Coin aims to create a super-fast, secure and anonymous payment platform. The coin is the future of digital cash. To get started, you need to download their wallet, which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.



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