What is Qbao?

Qbao (QBT)



Qbao is a Qtum based decentralized social network with an aim of becoming the best in the Qtum world. The platform includes the usage of a multi-digital cryptocurrencies wallet. For example, DApp store, trading and payment and social interaction. Moreover, the goal is the build a complete and decentralized ecology of Qtum world. In addition to serve the global blockchain users and Qtum community. By offering better service for the generation of the blockchain technology. It also hopes to popularize blockchain technology in traditional internet fields through Qbao. Therefore, by making people feel the charm of the blockchain technology. The main goal is to build an ecological, social network.

Features of Qbao

Some of the features that make Qbao different from other decentralized social networks include:

Strong social network: Qbao offer a reliable social network and a crypto coin that can be easily transferred around the globe.

Multi-contract in available: users can fill in multiple forms so smart contracts that are supported on the platform and use them.

Storage security: the Qbao platform is 100% compatible with the Qtum official wallet. This makes storage on the wallet secure.

Exchanging and trading chart: users can use the exchanging and trading chart to see their trading status, and also their fellow user’s trading status.

Use cases

·       DApp store: Qbao main to be the gateway to the Qtum world. It wants to establish a DApp store that allows Qtum’s partners and developers and release their DApp and smart contracts.

Payment getaway: Qbao commits to increase commercial usage scenarios and enrich the Qtum ecosystem top provide service of digital currency for various traders.

Product promotion engine: using the advertising engine, people can get to purchase service from advertisers and maker products and services known by people through the platform.

Qtum based wallet: Qbao usage scenario wallet is a secure and decentralized wallet that allows multiple tokens to be stored.

Digital assets exchange: the platform provides a quotation of digital assets to allow users to manage their digital assets better. They also provide centralized or decentralized exchange services.

Decentralized P2P encrypted communication: Qbao provides P2P encrypted communication. Messages on the platform will only be reserved by sender and receiver and will never appear on any third party system.

The Token

The Qbao blockchain is one of its kind. It uses the Qbao token as its core and foundation. Some of the services you get on the platform include Multi-currencies wallet, crypto-communication, a reliable social network, intellectual property, payment and cost and a promotion engine.

The project Is no longer active

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