What is Pura?



Pura is a digital currency that liberates users to transact with other people wherever they are worldwide. The platform liberates user the directly, privately and instantly transact making life cheaper by removing the need or the expense of a middleman such as a payment provider or a bank. Users using the platform get benefits which include:


Pura is a next-generation P2P payment network that doesn’t leave anything into change or transactions hanging. The platform is hard-coded to financial reword incentivized individuals that actively protect the Pura network, in turn, guaranteed users instantaneously, private and safe transaction.

Earn rewards

Pura offers users the opportunity to rest while it works for them. For every hundred thousand Pura you accumulate. You can become the MasterNodes owner and earn rewards regularly.

Democratically controlled

Pura has enhanced and improved using a decentralized and DAO or a global democratic governance process. No central governance controls Pura. MasterNodes owners and users make the decisions on how the network evolves.

Pura features

Pura network has different features that help in making the platform better. Some of these futures such as instant, secure and private are already available on the platform. Other features include social, and liberating and transparency. Here is how these features work on the platform:

  • Instant: Pura allows you to transact with anyone, anytime and anywhere globally. Users can quit the queue and transact in under one second using the InstaPay.
  • Private: all activity on Pura including history, financial and balance information are made confidential. You can keep all your data secrete on the platform using the PrivatePay feature.
  • Secure: all transactions on the platform are forever written and stored in the blockchain forever. They are backed up across hundreds of servers globally.

Other features like liberating, social and transparency will help in making the platform even better. Liberation help user to transact with anyone worldwide, social protects the planet by being the world’s first environmental and social conscious cryptocurrency and transparency means that Pura directly funds transparent, sustainable, environmental, blockchain-tracked and social projects worldwide.

Pura is planning the release the Pura Planet in the near future. The Pura Planet is set to further empower and protect the planet. Since Pura is a conscious cash movement with a long-term vision and a decentralized global community of collaborators. Pura is set to become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry and in responsible decentralized living. 10% of Pura is automatically contributed to the common good.


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