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Pundi X (PXS)




With the blockchain technology fast establishing itself worldwide, it is becoming the most talked about emerging technology globally. This has led to stakeholder desiring the see that the blockchain technology is adopted worldwide. Recently the Pundi X blockchain was introduced in the blockchain technology industry. The Pundi X is a brand new startup with an idea to solve problems facing the banking services in the economic growth and prosperity of the place where a great population remains unbanked. It also wants to improve the adoption of cryptocurrencies in mainstream payments.

The mission of Pundi X

The main missions of Pundi X are to make buying cryptocurrency as easy as buying other goods like bottled water. Any store can buy, sell or accept cryptocurrency. The blockchain also wants to empower blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrencies and receive payment at any physical store around the world. This helps them meet their goal of making cryptocurrency easy to use for everyone.

Pundi X token sale

The Pundi X token sale will take place starting January next year.  Their presale is already underway and a total of $23 million has been achieved. The price of Pundi X token (PXS) stands at 5000 PXS = 1 ETH, 12500 PXS = 1 BTC and 1 XEM = 0.33 PXS.

Pundi X solutions

In a bid to make using cryptocurrency easier. Pundi X uses POS solutions. The POS solution digitalizing any physical stores and allows for buying of cryptocurrency using a bank card, mobile wallet, Fiat money and Pundi X Pass. A user can also sell their cryptocurrency or use them to buy goods, top up phones, or pay utility bills.

PXS token

The PXS token is the utility token of the blockchain. It is the Pundi X’s gas. Shops, cafes and convenience stores can use PXS to connect to the ecosystem and provides sales of other goods and cryptocurrencies. Developers too can use PXS as gas fees. Users can buy PXS at a lower price during the ICO period.

Pundi X team

According to the official website https://www.pundix.com/, Pundi X team is based in Shenzhen and jar kata. Jakarta is where 15 of their management and operation team is based and the R&D hub with 14 people is based in Shenzhen. The group is led by Zip Bin Cheah (Zac) who is the CEO, the President Advisor is Constantin Papadimitriou and CTO/COO is Pitt Huang. Constantin is the founder and CEO of two large Fintech companies in Indonesia and Pitt is a serial tech entrepreneur.

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