What is Publica?

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After an Author finished a book, they are always happy with their achievements. However, the issues awaiting them along the way are many, some of them they can handle. Issues like how to earn money from your books, how to get discovered, marketing your books and finding readers are just some of them. To help author enjoy what they do and become successful, the Publica Platform is a platform that offers them a way to changes their life. With Publica, Authors can decide the books to sell, the price and keep the rights without anyone controlling them.

What is Publica?

Publica is a blockchain-based Author-centric business model that empowers author entrepreneurship. The business model is like the beating heart of self-publishing. It is focused on authors need for today, but with tomorrow’s mindset. An author using the platform has a chance to sell books, set their own price, and manage all their procedures without anyone interfering or asking for a share of the profits. They also don’t need to share their rights with anyone.

How does Publica Work?

To start with, authors need to set up their personal author’s page in order to attract fans and readers. Publica provides tools to help authors have the creative freedom they need. After creating your page, you will need to create your book promotional page. Use the page to gather an audience for upcoming or ongoing book sales and you are good to go.

Benefits of Publica

Full independence

Once authors have set up their page, they have irrevocable ownership. They have decentralized storage that is immutable and nobody can tell them where or how to sell their books. Authors on the platform have the freedom to publicize, market and sell their book worldwide without interference for any party.

Marketing made easier

Publica helps Authors set up the book promotional page by giving them necessary tools needed. Also, they offer authors tools for social sharing in case they want to share the book promotional page on Facebook, tweet, and other social media platform.

Find new readers

Publica helps authors to get discovered and even goes further to let the user sign up for your newsletter. They offer you with the ability to use your email gathering service or an inbuilt one the find, new readers.


Being a blockchain, cryptocurrency technology based blockchain, Publica aims to disrupt traditional publishing and help in evolving self-publishing to the next level. You can be part of the Publishing revolution by registering on their website.


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