What is Prospectors?

Prospectors (PGL)


Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin. There have been drastic changes that are being experienced in the global economy industry. The underlying cryptocurrency technology has gained a lot of adoption also. While there are different commercial applications available, there is one platform that has come up with an entertaining and education platform that is powered by the blockchain. Prospectors is that platform.

What is Prospectors?

Prospectors is a blockchain based platform built on a Multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game that will use a game cryptocurrency. Prospectors is the first ever platform of its kind. It is economic, uses a real-time strategy with economic relations and trading and a multiplayer platform. Games events on the network happen in a virtual world that resembles the earth. While other online games and platform have made good use of the historical incidents as their inspiration none of them utilizes the actual models that were in play in the 19th and early 20th century, but Prospectors has. It has kept and it is still keeping the economic strategy games close to the actual conditions.

Prospectors goal

The aim of prospectors is simple, to create an alternative reality that is in the form of an economic strategy based on the blockchain technology with game-time monetization.


Prospectors use the Prospectors Gold Token, PGL token as the utility token. The token is the main currency in the game and can be used for interactions between players. It can be earned in a game and the amount of limited to only 220 million coins. Half of the amount is put into the game and the player can extract them in parts.

How Prospectors work

To earn PGL token, you need to create a Player’s account. Every player has three workers with specified skills, the worker can be sent to the player’s lot and a player has the right to stake anywhere, any claim and with any aim. The claim is free. The worker has:

  • The speed of movement
  • Stamina
  • The speed of work

All three characteristics of the workers help the player in claiming and aiming at stakes. The worker movement takes time and they reside on the lot.

To fund the platform and all the development of the platform. Prospectors use the ICO. The last ICO started on August 10, 2017, and added in September. The ICO normally lasts for a month. Investors and players are allowed to contribute towards the game by acquiring the PGL token against the ETH contribution.

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