What is Prosense?

Prosense (VPR)

ProsenseLiveTm platform is a decentralized streaming platform for enjoying sharing and monetizing VR content. The platform is powered by the blockchain technology that allows users to enjoy what they love, stream the experience and share it will their friends, family and the world in general. Users can also monetize what they enjoy on ProsenseLive. Presence allows VR-content providers to deliver content to viewers with considering whether they are amateur or experienced professionals. The encryption, transcoding, and delivery of the content are all carried out by a decentralized network.

Problems solved by Prosense blockchain


The cost that content provider for many years has been providing and delivering their content is high. With the availability of ProsenseLive, content providers can optimize their cost of producing, transcoding and delivery of their content. The network uses Partner Nodes network and smart contracts to make this possible.

Automatic payment of content

The ProsenseLive blockchain guarantees payments on the blockchain are directly and automatically transferred from one person to another. As soon as user access contents on the platform, all transactions are made automatically to the content provider. No one can fake and change the statistic since the rules are strictly enforced by smart contract based.

Protection from piracy

We all fear when we hear the word piracy. ProsenseLive gives users total security from piracy. All content on the platform is distributed to multiple Partner Nodes. The process guarantees total protection and no illegal copy of the content on the platform.

Impossible to block

ProsenseLive eliminates any possibility of contents being blocked by third parties. Using the decentralized distribution system for content delivery, the platform makes sure the content is reviewed and edited by Partner Nodes Network and no complaints arise from the process.

ProsenseLive team

Stanislav Glukhoedov is the CEO and the co-founder of the platform. He co-founded the platform, with Grigory Vasinkevich, Nataliya Kopylova, and Vladimir Bakuteev. The platform has a group of developers and advisors behind the CEO and the other co-founders.


The ProsenseLive token (VRP) is an internal currency that allows viewers to pay directly to copyright holders who watch content. A percentage of the amount paid is deducted and go to the award fund. Tokens are only issued once and in a limited number.


The PROSENSE.TV foundation started the development of technology streaming in 2015 and they are in the process of developing a decentralized platform for streamer in 2018.

Project is no longer live

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