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PROPY is an Ethereum-based decentralized real-estate marketplace that is backed by blockchain infrastructure to reduce feud and redundancy in the real estate industry by facilitating real-time unified transactions. It is the first interactive real-estate marketplace that people can use to easily build their real estate investments. The platform works in a unique way. First, users have to search for the properties they want to purchase domestically or internationally. The number of properties you want to buy does not matter. After you find the property or properties you want to purchase, you need to find the same language broker on the platform and step 3 includes booking the property and making transactions.

According to Andrew Baum, Propy’s proposal on the use of blockchain in the real estate industry will offer the key that will open the door to facilitate real estate transactions by a reliable and automated transfer system.

Propy buying process

After you take the first, second and the third steps, you need to know the purchasing process, how Propy’s purchasing process works. Propy facilitates the cross-border payment you. It will also assist you with the paperwork. Before the paperwork, you can search for properties and brokers in your native language. The platform provides brand information about brokers and the neighborhood. They offer information such as walkability, green building certifications, and noise, pollution. It then integrates the blockchain ledger for the government to make sure you get the title deeds. They make tittle deeds issuance for your property instant via online. The issuance is secure and cost-effective.

The team of experts and developers behind Propy has facilitated the connections between international entices in a bid to enable the seamless purchase of international real-estate online for the first time. The platform offers users a trustless title registry platform they can use for all their real estate investments from purchasing to paperwork’s and finally for title issuance. It uses the PRO token as its native token.

Natalia Karayaneva is the founder of Propy.Inc. She is and student at the University of Oxford and has made been able to research on Sustainability Assessment for real estate industry, She created the real estate app for foreign homebuyers and for raising awareness both amongst consumers and within the housing industry. Natalia developed a unique feature that makes the Propy platform special. It uses the innovating algorithm feature to calculate the sustainability Score for a property. The platform fills the gap in cross-border transactions in the real estate.

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