What is Proof Suite ?

Proof Suite (PPT)



Proof Suite (PPT) is a marketplace where you can create buy and sell blockchain-backed assets from others. The platform offers immutable, secure and decentralized document management system for a variety of legal agreements. The developer’s tools can be used to seamlessly integrate the blockchain tech into an already existing application. The Proof Suite team has spent time developing a cutting-edge blockchain solution that will offer enterprise liquidity hurdles via the blockchain technology.

Consisting of Mike DE’shazer the CEO, Tai Kersten CTO, David Van Isacker CIO and Lu Song CBDO, the team originally started as a blockchain think and research group, but later created the Proof Suite from leveraged reports and forecast from hundreds of sources and interviews.

The Proof Suite features


The most crucial features that investors, developers, and users look for before they participate or engage themselves with a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. Proof Suite offers security for all transactions and services made on the platform. When files are uploaded to the decentralized blockchain, once your authorization can reassemble the pieces. There is no single point of vulnerabilities. It is non-existence in the platform.


Proof Suite ensures tamper-proof records of ownership are transferred via decentralization and distributed consensus. This gives all users the assurance they need when using the platform.


Users are not tied to the Proof Suite platform. By using Proof Suite to manage or create assets( such as token and much more) on the blockchain, they can optionally move their assets to their wallets any time they want to. The portability on the platform is unmatched as you are able to access the platform anytime and move your assets.



Who doesn’t love privacy? On the Proof Suite platform, users can set their account or transaction to private, which means you identification on all trades you makes become a list of numbers or letter.


Proof collaboration with Fuzecard.


Proof Suite has made gain access to liquidity easier. The platform aims to make it even simpler every day and trustless fashion for your convenience.

With the option to publicly list your blockchain-based assets of Proof, Proof Suite helps you to gain a wider audience to liquidity providers who are searching for new development opportunities. Once you trade and the transaction is complete, the funds are liquid in an account immediately. There is no time need for processing to your bank account. You can get a live demo on the platform if you are a financial institution, broker or a property developer.


This is how easy is to create a cryptocurrency via Proof dashboard.



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