What is Prochain?

Prochain (PRO)

The internet advertising market is largely owned by centralized media such and social media and search engines. There have been many non-value parts such as data monitoring, advertisement verification and advertisement interception due to the lack of mutual trust between various stakeholders in the industry. Prochain (PRO) is a precision AD blockchain based on big data. The aim of Prochain to help build a transparent digital advertising data ecosystem. The ecosystem connects media, advertisers, and developer to improve the efficiency of the settlement of advertising business. The aim is to reduce the loss of advertising traffic fraud to digital advertising to participate.

Proclaim features

Anti-fraud Prochain uses the combination of the speed and stream computing in the tracking system in a bid to identify user behaviors, abnormal behaviors, establish equipment fingerprint and false flow.

Avoids agencies

Users of the Prochain ecosystem can avoid agencies since the blockchain data is encrypted and transparent. Enterprises can use the ecosystems easily judge whether they are targeting the right audience. As a result, companies can skip buying process, traditional advertising and give bonuses to their target audience in a more direct manner.

Credible smart contract

Smart contract based promotion task is designed for all advertisers. The real and credible advertising has a positive effect on the chain. The two settle accounts are real time, which in turn shortens the accounting period on both sides. The smart contract also makes it easier to solve pain painted related to the cross-border business settlement.

Advantages of using PRO

  • Advertising technology accumulation: the adverting technology has years’ experience and serves and an advertisement agency for Facebook and Google.
  • User resource: Prochain has hundreds of millions of sure advertising behavior big data resources that can accurately identify user characteristics.
  • Blockchain tech accumulation: Team member participated in the BTS project development Blockchain BigData monitoring platform development. They have an average of 4 years in the Blockchain industry and benefits the Prochain community as a whole.
  • Anti-fraud experience: Prochain offers you the opportunity to experience an anti-fraud because team members get industry-leading anti-fraud technology accumulation.


Prochain was founded by Ahmed Alsayadi (Blockchain architect) David White (data Scientist), Eric Vincent (Technical Architect) Roy young (Product manager) and Michaelia ST. (Marketing officer). The team also includes a group of advisors led by Yuanqiu Guo and Yan Meng. Guo is a senior vice president of Ogilvy & Mather, China, and Meng if the vice president of CSDN.

Project no longer live

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