What is Prizm?



PRIZM is a NEXT core based one hundred percent Proof of stake cryptocurrency built with the Java language open source. The algorithm in PRIZM does not depend on any “coinage” concept implementation used by other PoS cryptocurrencies and nothing at stake attacks, but it is the first fair cryptocurrency that is decentralized, secure and convenient. PRIZM includes the implementation of a transparent Forging function that allows the increase the performance of transaction processing by two orders of algorithm generation of a deterministic block in combination with network security mechanism.

PRIZM token

The PRIZM tokens, the PZMs are generated every 60 seconds on average. PZMs are redirected by including transaction fees that are awarded to the account to successfully create the block. The process is known as forging, which can be compared to mining used by other cryptocurrencies. Transaction on the platform is considered safe after 10 block confirmations and the size of the PZM block that allows up to 367, 200 per day.

Prizm video explanation

What makes PRIZM UNIQUE?

PRIZM is unique from other cryptocurrencies because of its features.


Paramining is one of the key features that makes PRIZM unique. Due to the forging mechanism used on the platform. The addition of a unique linear-retrograde mechanism makes the platform even better. The advantage of Paramining is it creates a unique situation where nobody can interfere with the mechanism and falsify new coins. All Users and miners are able to monitor a number of coins issued by the system. It happens in real time. Paramining is a unique technology created only by PRIZM.

Speed of block generation

The speed of block generation allows the fast generation of blockchain transactions. The average time to generation blockchain does not depend on the number of transactions. It only takes 50 seconds to generate a blockchain.


PRIZM use modern eco-crypto-technologies POS, instead of energy-consuming systems POW and labor-consuming system.

Easy conversion to other currencies

Easy conversion of the PZM to other currencies also makes the platform useful, successful and unique. PRIZM uses the global P2P system for free conversion of PZM at a fixed rate.

To start production of PZMs, you only require having one PZM in your PRIZM wallet. The coin is enough to automatically start paramining. The process allows you to increase the number of coins in your wallet with no electricity costs. Paramining coins start with only one coin and stop automatically when it reaches 1 million coins in the wallet.




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