Potcoin (POT)




Potcoin (POT) is the first decentralized currency for the legal marijuana industry. Potcoins are digital coins you can send through the internet. According to POT developers, there are many advantages that the POT platform offers which includes the peer to peer direct transactions. The crypto developers further added that their purpose is to secure, empower, and aid in the legal cannabis community’s operations. The crypto removes the urgency of cash transactions and instead encourages its users to buy with the use of consumer incentives.


The Potcoins are transferred directly from one person to another, thus saves you a lot from paying expensive fees and you can use Potcoin anywhere in the country. The user’s account will not be frozen, and there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits.


How POT works?


Let’s just say you’re a POT user; you can keep your Potcoins in your digital wallet on your computer or mobile device. Sending Potcoins will be as easy as sending an email, and you can purchase anything with Potcoin. The platform’s network is secured by thousands of computers by using the state of the art encryption, which refers to converting a specific language into code. It is making POT a safe, stable, and a secure network.

Potcoin video explanation

Anyone can join POT regardless of the technical knowledge and abilities. The software is entirely open source so that anyone can review the code. The Potcoin platform opens up a whole new network for innovation. The system’s primary goal is to allow everyone to have access to a global market, where they can transact with people who can be trusted.




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