What is Populous?

Populous (PPT)



Populous (PPT) is a trade finance and invoice platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. They are on the track of creating a unique global trading environment. As a result, it is not only for the investors but also for sellers who do invoice trading from around the world. The developers further added that they believe that the creation of the next generation invoice marketplace will benefit a lot of business owners and traders.    

PPT being built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It enables anyone to participate in an alternative finance marketplace. Before PPT is created, only the wealthy individuals, family offices, government, banks and various financial institutions can get themselves involve in a commercial market.

How PPT works?

PPT allows investors who are coming from different parts of the globe to use the cryptocurrency utilized in the PPT platform. They will be able to invest in an invoice being sold by an invoice seller. For instance, if a Chinese investor wants to invest in invoices that are being sold by US or UK businesses they can do so by using the PPT platform.

The PT uses an Ethereum standard token called Pokens; this is used in creating a stable and safe trading environment. The PPT does not need to collaborate with financial institutions and banks just to create a financial marketplace platform on the blockchain. This means that PPT is not obliged to follow the same regulatory rules that banks and other financial institutions do. This leads them being able to use cryptocurrencies in a blockchain environment.  

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