What is Ponsumer?

Ponsumer (PONS)



Ponsumer is a unified technological infrastructure where buyers and sellers can automate their ordering processes, delivery of orders, assembly and analytics. Ponsumer is an infrastructure powered by Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. Ponsumer uses the PONS coin crypto tokens for any transaction on the platform. Users can buy any items from all the stores connected to Ponsumer. The platform tracks the movement of goods

How Ponsumer works?

To trade on Ponsumer, you need to download their mobile app from either Google Play or App store. After you have downloaded the app, direct the camera of your devices to any product. The app will recognize the product and search for a similar one ion the Ponsumer network. After finding the product or a similar product, it will show you all the products and it will go further to recommend other stores for you. You can mark the product and the app will automatically calculate the nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins it contains.

Ponsumer features


Ponsumer knows how much nutrients you can get from food and products, what kind of food you eat and the effect it has on your health.

Fully automate purchase

Ponsumer replenishing stocks of goods and products at home, in a shop, warehouse, and a café. Users can fully automate their purchase and let the artificial intelligence on the platform manage your purchase. You can buy products from augmented reality stores by yourself.

New level

Thanks to the augmented reality on the Ponsumer network, shops can now come to people as opposed to people going to the shops. Ponsumer changes traditional, independent stores into a new kind of stores with a new experience. Using augmented reality, you can purchase products in an entertainment format. The network takes purchasing to a new level.

Ponsumer team

Born in Sverdlovsk, Andrew Snopov started his career in wholesale trade in 20006. He is the founder and CEO of Ponsumer. The build the network, he collaborated with Gaydukov Vladimir, senior developer and CTO, developers Troshin Vladislav and Kurgansky Andrei among others. Each member has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and over 5 years in the Blockchain technology and machine learning.

Ponsumer token

The Ponsumer token (PONS) can be used for shopping, payment for services, money exchanges and transfer, parsing, and checking, perform Ponsumer tasks and earn from the sale of services and goods. Ponsumer saves your personal time to prolong your life and also extends it to analysis and tips for your nutrition and health.


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