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Polybius (PLBT)


Although the cryptocurrency economy is rapidly growing, so far many platforms have not succeeded to build a closed loop economy. Needless to say a close-knit team of bankers, legal professionals and financiers have developed the Polybius project. The Polybius project is of utter important as hundreds of investors from all corner of the world continue to invest billions of dollars in the cryptocurrency market. Polybius is a project that aims at creating a regulated bank for the digital generation. It is an emerging competitor in the cryptocurrency global market.

Polybius like other crypto-banking platforms aims at making ample use of the decentralized natural allure to provide both anonymity and security to its clients at the same time maximizing profits from entities involved. With the support of renowned tech veterans and global marketing experts, Polybius aspires to come up with a comprehensive banking solution. Polybius bank combines IoT, Big data, modern banking and Blockchain-based technologies at the same time meeting UX and security requirements.

Polybius banking plans

Polybius seeks to maximize the anonymity and security of financial transactions to present users with a plethora of unique trading opportunities. Polybius bank serves as an automation and digitization ecosystem, allowing the platform to integrate single companies and enabling the entire industry access to financial and industrial services at a click. The financial services are fully interconnected with international systems to respond to all transaction needs of Polybius bank customers worldwide.

Polybius ICO

The project crowdfunding campaign was launched on May 31, 2017, and the token shares which are smart contracts at the same time become available weeks later. The Polybius token entitles owners to participate in the company’s profiles. Token holder’s dividend entitlements commensurate the shares they own. To receive dividends, PLBT should be stored in an Ethereum wallet. The wallet supports ERC20 token. It’s available at the Polybius website, parity, mist or MyEtherWallet. The PLBT can trade on C-CEX.com, Livecoin.net, and DABTC.com.


Polybius system operates within the Ethereum system just like other banks. The Ethereum Virtual machine allows users to create Smart Contracts to conduct sophisticated automated transactions. The platform provides an infrastructure for a system to system communications. It is designed to comprehend a variety of networks. The infrastructure features a multi-segment decentralized data storage, cryptographic encryption of all entries, authentication and authorization and companies and individuals by means of interconnected instruments. The data is from all channels related to Polybius bank services, and Digital Pass.

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