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Po.Et (POE)-Proof Of Existence 2.0


Po.et is a universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribute world’s digital creative assets. The platform reclaims value for publishers. As well as consumers and content creators .To help them generate immutable and timestamped titles. For contents and creative works and register them to the platform. Because Po.et is a blockchain-based decentralized and secured. The metadata attribution remains immutable, safe and verifiable. Po.et is managed by a team of expert including Bo Shen, Anthony Di Lorio, David Bailey, and Richards Titus among others. All experts and executives on the platform have advanced knowledge about the cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and the blockchain worlds.

Po.et key features

In fact, Po.et has most of the common features that help in making the platform suitable for everyone. Especially journalists, content creators, and publishers. Some of the key features that make the project stand out include:


Anyone can access Po.et from anywhere in the world. The blockchain is fully distributed. For first-time content creators and publishers, Po.et help them have a holistic view of the respective derivative data and integrity of digital assets’ origin.


Po.et uses a more powerful upcoming network in the world for securing data in the platform. It uses the Bitcoin mining network and cryptographic signatures that ensure data integrity and identity of parties that interact on the network.


If you don’t want to share your content publicly, but you still want the use Po.et network, it is possible because of the flexibility of the platform. You can also invent your own licensing terms and build a new smart contract.


Po.et use blockchain hashing. As well as  time stamping to ensure irrefutable evidence of the existence and integrity of data. Because it is decentralized, no one runs the network. Not a company, administration or an organization. Because of all the features, Po.et has no single point of failure.

For content creators, publishers and consumers, Po.et offer other more benefits than other networks. It gives you the opportunity to create your own content and generate titles for your creative work. You can also use the network since it provides an open network in a space that is controlled by third parties.

Po.et builds a bridge between publishers and content creators. Publishers can verify the authenticity or discover new content through a truly transparent system of attribution. Users of the network can also create and issue licenses. The cryptography used on the platform is to automate the licensing process without relying on other parties.


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