What is Plutons?

Plutons (PLU)




Are you looking to earn a reward in the form of digital token every time you shop? Or are you waiting for merchants to accept Ethereum and Bitcoin? There is no need to look further or for waiting. You can get all you want by using pluton (PLU). Just like air miles or cash backs on a credit card, plutons allows you to earn rewards for shopping with them. The more you shop, the more you earn. To understand better, let define what plutons is and how it works.

What are Plutons (PLU)?

Plutons are digital tokens comparable to the frequent flier mile programs or the cash back points. The plutons (PLU) tokens are used to secure the countless balance of plutons that can be used to pay for services in the crypto platforms. Within the Plutons apps, the Plutons are over Ethereum and Bitcoin. It has added benefits of instant conversions and 0% fees at the point-of-sale. Only a share of PLU token will be available for sale in the crowdsale. The remaining will be locked in the rebate smart contracts pool.

How many plutons PLU will you receive after investing with Plutons?

The amount plutons you receive depends on the amount of bitcoin you contribute divided by the funds raised. To understand how the math works, the value of 1 Pluton is established based on the amount of Ethereum and Bitcoin raised. If the combined value collected during the token sale is 100 for 850,000 plutons, the plutons value will be 0.0001 BTC. Once the value is determined after the end of crowdsale, your account will be ascertained by some Plutons you have earned.

Plutus Video Explanation

Plutons overview and process.

Plutus relies heavily on incorporates connections and computing to the Ethereum and Bitcoin network as well as debit card infrastructure. This makes Plutus a hybrid system with both decentralized and centralized components. Plutus internal infrastructure relies on several modules and interconnected servers.

Why is the decentralized rebate system necessary to Plutus.it?

The idea of using a decentralized rebate system is intended for other things and not only for the digital currency users. If future, as the direct fiat deposit becomes the option for the unbanked, other use-cases such as a virtual debit card powered by Pluton will be available. Users of fiat deposits get introduced to the Ethereum and the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem in a better and practical manner.

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