What is PlayKey?

PlayKey (PKT)




The Gaming Industry is evolving and moving into the cloud. It is following the path which music, video and other services have taken. PlayKey is a decentralized cloud-based platform for game-virtualization services. The platform is dedicated to offering gamers worldwide with resources of a distributed network of powerful home computers. With this service, those who own laptops, PCs and MacBook’s can play modern games on their devices with having to add any other device. The service is aimed at those who own low-powered PCs that do not run state-of-the-art games. The games run on the hardware on the miners in what it called “in the Cloud” by the platform.

How the PlayKey work?

The key mission of the PlayKey platform is to leverage the cloud gaming revolution during the early stages of decentralization. The process allows users to play the game they wish on any device as long as they are connected to the internet. By leveraging the existing proprietary technology, the business of PlayKey and Products of the platform, the platform create the world’s largest marketplace and platform for gamers, hardware providers and other participants in the industry.

The Playkey currency

PlayKey uses a cryptographic token, PKT. PKT can be used to buy and sell cloud gaming subscriptions and other services and future products on the PlayKey platform. It is the unit of account for all transactions within the ecosystem and the basis for interaction with other services. PKT can be used on their term, short, middle and long term. In short term, it is used for a transaction between miners and gamers, for the medium term is used to fund the ICO and expand the ecosystem for long-term use.

Benefits of PKT token

PlayKey provides the following benefits to gamers:

  • 2-3 times more efficient than other coins which means it adds mining opportunities to users.
  • More stable in the short, medium and long-term users
  • Less risky than other cryptocurrencies due to its intrinsic value
  • A good hedging and alternative option for private and professional miners who are holders of GPUs.

Use case of PlayKey

The PlayKey platform can be used for:

  • Game development and publishing
  • Marketing decentralization
  • Live sports and E-sports
  • Gaming content creation


Roman Epishin is the Marketing Director of the Platform, Maksim Kudymov, product manager, Vladimir Shestakov, Development Team leader and Vladimir Kosov, the Blockchain smart-Contract developer, and others. The PlayKey platform is managed by Playkey foundation, a company within the PlayKey ecosystem. The company is responsible managing key rules of the ecosystem, increasing the platform’s popularity and developing core strategies.

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