What is Pirl?



Inspired by the many Ethereum projects, Pirl is an Asic resistant, the first Ethash based masternode Crypto built on a new chain. Pirl harnesses the power of smart contracts with a goal of facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers through an automated process. The community-based Ethash has an open source philosophy. It focuses on community involvement in deciding the future of its roadmap. Once the masternodes are deployed, the Pirl will be able to achieve the objection on its future roadmaps. Pirl is also a platform, where users can sell and purchase goods and services in an automated, secure environment.

Pirl Features

The Pirl blockchain is used to run smart contracts. The team behind the blockchain is planning to develop user interfaces and an online decentralized store to run nodes and make sure no single point of failure. The network in itself is a network of users controlled by nobody. Some of Pirl features are:


The Masternodes is a primary node in the network. The masternode is not only a decentralized app, but it will be a part that relays transactions. The Pirl team is currently working on the Decentralized Apps sections. Also hosting a masternode generates additional Pirl for its owners. The yield varies depending on the current count of masternodes.


Nautilus is a decentralized marketplace platform that is built on the Pirl Platform. The Nautilus allows users to sell, buy and donate their goods, services, and skill in a secure and safe manner using smart contracts.

Pirl Pools

The pools on Pirl are many. You are able to choose pools that will allow you get started in mining Pirl with ease. Some of the pools you can choose from include Miner pool, HPPCG Pools, POOL Sexy PIRL, Mole Pool, Rei Do Coin, Ethash-coins and CRYPTO pools among others.

Pirl Exchanges

Pirl can be traded on Cryptopia and Stocks exchange. However, Pirl is not a token, not an ICO or an ETH. The Pirl platform is forever in the Proof of Work protocol that allows anyone to contribute and makes it better.


The team is composed of community members and developers from various places around the world. The Protocol was founded by Julien du Bois, who is also a developer. The CM of the platform is Julian Franken, Developer and EVE manager, Chris Bischoff, Developer Christian Nowak among others. The aim of the team is to make the protocol a better place for users.

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