What is Piplcoin ?

Piplcoin (Pipl)


Piplcoin is a cryptocurrency designed to work as a medium of exchanges that uses the cryptography to secure the transaction. The cryptocurrency can also control the creation of additional units of the currency. The missions of the Piplcoin is to provide people with high-grade liquidity from a blockchain based project known as the PiplShare. PiplShare is a job-board ecosystem based on the blockchain. It’s a place where employers and candidates can realize their potential. The ecosystem is unique and exposed to the constant estimation-validation process.

How does the PiplCoin work?

PiplCoin uses estimates of the world population over the course of prehistory and history. It also estimates the projection of future developments. It also uses the liquidity pool. At the presale, Piplcoin issues the final amount of tokens using the world population estimates and inject the tokens into the liquidity pool. According to the estimated growth of world population, the amount of Piplcoin decreases and the value of investment for token holders will instantly increase. At the beginning of the presale, Piplcoin will issue the final quantity that is equal to the estimate on the World Population Clock.

The project PiplShare

The PiplShare platform works in three ways. They include a job board, Pipl board, and share working.

Job board

Finding jobs globally is not easy, the PiplShare platform deals with finding and offering jobs to people all over the world. The fundamental process of creating an open position for a job. An employer posts a job will all the requirements that users are able to apply for the position.

Pipl board

The Pipl board acts as the Directory of users. The Pipl board is where an individual will be able to find new potential candidates and employers. The PiplShare community of unique members is based on the blockchain technology.


Shareworking is a new way of working. It is a style of work that involves a shared virtual working environment and independent activity. The shareworking is also a social gathering of a prop of people that still work independently, but share values and are interested in synergy.

How is Piplcoin different from the other cryptocurrencies?

Since most cryptocurrencies constantly create new units through mining a process that is very expensive. Many people run the mining operation constantly the sell newly created coins. Piplcoin puts the process in reverse, the tokens are issued at the start of presale and destroyed constantly. The process causes the values of Piplcoin too increase.



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