What is Pinkcoin?

Pinkcoin-Blockchain Based Charity Platform


Pinkcoin is the most advanced charity platform that is based on the blockchain technology that already has several charities and celebrities onboard. Pinkcoin is a new and unique cryptocurrency currency inspired by the pursuit of Pareto-optimal and the philanthropy game theory. The digital currency offers a secure and trustless network that disrupts the non-transparent charity model in a unique and better way. Not only does the software uniqueness allows users to earn interest when running a wallet, but it allows users to automatically donate a portion of the interest earned to any charity of their choice at zero cost.

Pinkcoin was newly upgraded to become a hybrid model incentivizing users to secure the network by either mining via participating in an innovative and gamified Proof-of-Stake design or the traditional Proof-of-Work. The use of side-stake blockchain and the Flash-stake blockchain technologies encourage PINK holder to earn rewards while sharing their wealth at the same time. Users can also share and stake due to the D4L (Donate 4 life) system that is designed to reward participants who are helping others.

The D4L system

Pinkcoin’s D4L is a blockchain pool system that is powered by Pinkcoin’s revolutionary side-Staking capabilities. Users can see donations instantly on the blockchain. They can watch as their tips and those of others stake continue sly, providing revenue to any fund of choice. Everyone staking with the community is eligible to receive additionally automated payouts as rewards. The D4L system comprises of nine pool systems and each system has its unique and optimized function. The “Directive” and the Rain Forest” are the two subsets within D4L. They comprise of other divisions too.

The use and benefits of side-staking

Side-staking is a simple way of empowering users with coin control to pursue altruistic endeavors at their own parameters. The feature allows a customer stake coin base transaction which enables users to share stake block rewards between themselves. The side-staking can be easily accessed using the QT wallet and allows assigning a percentage to other addresses.


Flash-staking on the other hand priories lower sized wallets and increases the likelihood that less wealthy wallets will stake. Flash rewards are worth PoS reward + POW block reward, encouraging more peers to come onboard and be online in the flash-staking periods.

Pinkcoin is planning to release a full feature that will include a mobile staking wallet complete with D4L and an interoperable world vision inspired with an unprecedented milestone and crowdfunding interface for humanity and blockchain technology.

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