What is Pillar ?

Pillar (PLR)


The cryptocurrency space is evolving and so is the blockchain industry. New coins are introduced into the cryptocurrency market each year, many of them don’t meet the needs of consumers and others are unpopular among many people. However, there is one cryptocurrency you should know about, the Pillar (PLR) token. The pillar (PLR) Coin is an independent native utility token as a cryptocurrency token. It is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and a unit within the system.

What is the work of the PLR token?

While the Pillar (PLR) Platform is free and an open source, there are various services in the platform and the Pillar Wallet that you need to pay for. To pay for the services you don’t need a fiat currency, all you need is the Pillar token (PLR). The Pillar token powers the entire ecosystem, giving a business model to projects that can tie in. Different from other tokens, the Pillar token can be used to pay for the services once and for all. You won’t need to sign up for it again.

Once you sign at the PLR platform, many of the services there are free, for instance, most exchanges on the platform don’t charge a fee. The charges are taken from the money you’re exchanging. Other services are ad-driven, you are in charge of the ad you want to see on your platform. Another thing that makes Pillar different is the fact that you can monetize yourself by providing yourself to marketers or by asking for offers.

Token allocation

Pillar platform plans to allocate tokens using different projects such as the presale and the token sale. Presale is done using Smart Contract and an Ether address that has instructions is sent by email. The token sale is available to the public through the smart contract. After the sale, buyers will receive ERC20 tokens at the end of the sale. Pillar tokens are also listed on exchange platforms after the close of the crowdsale.

PLR token is accepted on different platforms to pay for different services. More and more other platforms will start recognizing Pillar tokens in the future. An average person can be in total control of his or her assets and ad exposure. Pillar is planning to integrate more exchanges in future. They are planning to partner with other exchanges to enable payment for what the consumer wants by using the currency they like.

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