What is PikcioChain?

PikcioChain (PKC)



For many crypto enthusiasts, it’s easy to find ICOs but finding a good investment is an issue for most of them. Not all platforms are good investment platform. If you have to invest, then you need to invest smartly, to help you out, PikcioChain is a platform specialized in exchanging, collecting and certificating data. The goal of the platform is to let crypto enthusiasts and other people interested in investing use cryptocurrency to trade their data services with complete security.

The project was shut down!

Services that PikcioChain offers

PikcioChain offers two services to its users on the platform. Users have access to PikcioPro and PikcioMe once they have registered. How does the services work?

  • PikcioPro: this service is used by companies that offer services based on their customer data.
  • PikcioMe: PikcioMe is for users who can retrieve their personal data to gain PKC tokens by certifying or selling their data.

The goal of the platform is to be able to provide everyone with a secure marketplace where they can sell and buy data. The marketplace can be used by both users and companies.

How does the platform work?

PikcioChain works in a way that helps both companies and users to access data and earn PKC tokens. Users can use the PikcioMe to track their data. For you to use the services on the platform. You need to download and install the PikcioChain app. The app acts as a server. It offers a safe way to gather data and a lucrative way to authenticate or sell it later. This way the platform acts not only as a store for storing data, but also as a marketplace for the same data.

Token sale

PikcioChain concluded its token sale recently. After the conclusion, the platform was able to reach a hard cap of 30m USD. A total of 84M PKC tokens were supplied and each token went for 1 NEO.

Token distribution

PikcioChain token distribution is as follows:

  • Strategic supporters 5%
  • Presale & token sale 33%
  • Neo allocation 5.4%
  • B2c growth pool 15.8%
  • Bounties 0.1%
  • B2b premium inventory 25%
  • Team 8%
  • Advisors 7.7%

Who is behind PikcioChain?

PikcioChain is a product of Pikcio AG, a company that owns and develops the Pikcio network. The company was founded by Fabien Bucamp, Didier Collin de Casaubon, and Dr. Jorick Lartigau. Other team members are Alizon Konig, developer, Jean-Francois Lienart, Chief Sales Officer, Gonzague Grandval, Strategy among others. The team plans Full P2P release of the PikcioChain iOS Wallet as its final step on its roadmap.

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