What is Peercoin?

Peercoin (PPC)


Peercoin (PPC) is a decentralized platform . Whereas users are allowed to store, send, and receive payments from people all over the world. There will be no banks, payment providers, or intermediary needed to complete the transaction. It’s a peer-to-peer network. The PPC uses Proof of Stake (POS). Which means that it is not hosted or maintained through mining pools. Mining pools consume a lot of power .Contrasted to POS there will be less valuable electricity consumed. Thus making PPC an Eco-friendly coin.

How Peercoin  PPC works?  

POS is used to maintain the network and secure the Peercoins they hold. There are no massive powerhouses needed to verify transactions. The result is a secure peer-to-peer network in which all computers can participate equally saving vast amounts of energy and preventing centralization. Peercoin gives a 1% annual rewards to users in compensation for maintaining the network. This encourages saving on the part of the users. Which makes Peercoin an excellent store of wealth and establishing it as a stable backbone currency.

Peercoin video explanation

Another aspect of Peercoin is its smaller blockchain. Which allows wallets to sync faster. This also makes PPC ideal for future innovations and projects like Peershares. With active developers and a growing community, PPC has been gaining a lot of attention from the crypto enthusiasts. They let you have 1% growth rate of your investment in one year, just by holding or storing your Peercoins. This feature is not present in other cryptocurrencies.

Overall, PPC allows its users to store, send, or receive Peercoins with low-cost fees, the transactions are completed in seconds, and there will be less mining power required. Thus every participant who helps in completing the transaction will get a reward equally. All transactions are secure, safe, stable, and fast.

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