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I’m not sure how many people know about Shadow Cash, but ShadowCash created the particle that will usher in a fundamental shift in how people view privacy marketplace. ShadowCash offers its community, the ShadowCash holders an opportunity to participate in the projects using the SDC. For those who want to participate in the Particl project and did not have the SDC, they had to acquire it from ShadowCash. Let understand better what Particl project is

What is Particl (PART)?

Particl (PART) is a cryptocurrency platform that is fully decentralized and anonymous marketplace. Particl presents consumers with an opportunity to sell goods and services anonymously. One thing you need to know about Particl is that it is a self-governed platform, meaning no one or no central authorities are allowed to decide what should be or not listed on the platform. The task of making this decision relays on holders who have the possibility to moderate things hosted on the marketplace if they want to.

While people could argue that that is not a good idea, you cannot host anything you like. Things like dangerous chemicals, pedophilia, and other morally wrong offer are instantly downvoted by the community. Therefore, it’s important to understand that they are the content curator on the platform. All moderations are achieved in a decentralized way.

Particl video explanation

Particl is a platform and not feature. This means the platform will be extending to other coins to foster with the entire cryptocurrency community. The Particl marketplace provides a user-friendly and seamless interface where users can purchase items using other coins in the cryptocurrency community. Users of the Particl platform will eventually be able to do transactions using other coins in the cryptocurrency community, but at the same time, Particl will encourage sellers to keep the Particl coins through the proof-of-stake rewards.

Particl also uses the proof-of-stake algorithm platform to financially incentivize people how secure the platform is. As the platform network grows and it gets more adoption, holders will make more money thus encouraging merchants to invest more and furthering the platform decentralization. The more Particl is decentralized it will lead to more curated content.

A majority of the cryptocurrency community can attest to, an easy-to-use decentralized and anonymous marketplace is the direction the crypto world is going. While other platforms out there have the visions to develop a decentralized and anonymous marketplace, Particl already has the marketplace. It has all it needs to be a successful platform.

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