What is Pareto Network?

Pareto Network (PARETO)




In this digital era, getting information is not that hard. It involves research, research, and more research. However, in the digital currency world, getting financial information is not all that simple. It is hard and even more challenging to get the financial informing you need for investment purposes and for other things. Pareto is a true P2P content marketplace for investors and traders. As the official Pareto website describes it, it is the first ever real-time actionable intelligence platform for investors and traders.

How does Pareto work?

Pareto works in three stages. The first stage involved content creators. Content creators can be organizations, groups or individuals who create information that helps the network participants in making investments and financial decisions in the crypto market. The content can be in form if trading signals, analyst reports, security assessments or code vulnerability.

The second step involves the distribution of the Intel to investors. The information is first curated and structured by the network’s team, then distributed to the token holder using an algorithm method. The method determines the order in which token holders get the information.

After the second step, the third step is when content creators get rewarded based on the quality of their Intel. Trader rewards are based on the quality of information received, which means all the contributors receive the Pareto tokens and use them to sell in other markets to generate revenue.

Pareto roadmap

The Pareto network roadmap is as follows:

  • June 2016: concept creation and research
  • June 2017: whitepaper launch and entity organization
  • August 2017: seed funding
  • October 2017 private sale and alpha/prototype/MVP.
  • Q4 2017: Public sale and closed beta
  • Q1 2018: public launch
  • Q2 2018: expanding the feature set

Pareto token (PARETO)

The PARETO in a digital token just like any other digital currency like ETH and BTC. For users to access the Pareto P2P Network, they must own a PARETO token. They can also use the token to influence the quality of information you receive from the Pareto Network

Token supply and distribution

A total supply of 500 million tokens was made available during the crowdsale. The Pareto network distributed 8% to early content contributors, 4% to advisors and ambassadors, 40% to crowdsale, 8% to the team and another 30% were kept as a strategic reserve.

Who is behind Pareto Network?

The team behind Pareto network is led by Eric Lamison-White, CEO/Co-founder, Ted Lanpher, C0-founder/COO, Chris Eberle, chief of content, Dr. Anna Becker, advisor/lead data scientist among other. The team has many years of experience between them.

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