What is Oyster Pearl?

Oyster Pearl (PRL)




In today world, creative content publishers are suffering because of ad blockers and general disregard of what advertisement have to offer. Advertisements have been facing issues like intrusive, tangential, distract from the cleanliness of websites and privacy-invasive have made advertisements fundamentally weak. However, with all the negativity, Oyster is offering a new solution that grants a parallel revenue stream to websites. Oyster adds one line code to add revenue streams. Oyster allows website visitors to contribute a portion of their GPU and CPU power to enable the platform users’ files to be stored in an anonymous but decentralized ledger.

Oyster features

Dual ledger integration

Oyster uses the IOTA Tangle for data retention and POW negotiation between Nodes. Oyster Pearls are produced using the Smart Contract technology on the Ethereal Blockchain, therefore activating the unique token attributes to enable Oyster operation.

Robust Redundant Data Storage

Oyster store files uploaded on the IOTA Tangle meaning that an excess of redundant duplicates is stored throughout the networks topology Tangle mitigating data loss threat.

Treasure Hunting Algorithm

Oyster Pearls are embedded witching the Treasure Map that defines the upload file structure. Nodes perform the POW required for maintaining data on the Tangle and making sure that all activities on the network are economically motivated.

Open source, audible and extendable

The Oyster protocol has no single point of failure because it is developed in a community-driven model. Extension projects can be built on top of protocol API and Mesh-net topology. The whole process allows a class of truly decentralized applications to be built.

Anonymous storage and zero knowledge

Users of the Oyster network can choose not to use their personal information, password or usernames. In fact, the information is never used on the network, each uploaded file has a unique handle that acts as a private seed key. Anyone can use the handle to retrieve data from the Tangle provided they have it.

Intrinsic storage-pegged value

Oyster Pearls are used as a bridge between users and website owners, they motivate users to spend money on storage and website owners to cleanly monetize their websites.

The Pearl token PRL

The oyster network used the Pearl (PRL) token as its primary token. The token is unlike any other token in the crypto market. It is pegged to the market value of storage without the need of reserves to back it up. The price of the crowdsale is offered at a fraction of storage price to allow early investors make profits with low downside risk.

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