What is Otonomos?



Otonomos is a platform that gives you the ultimate guide to free tools. The platform also offers guide from where you can incorporate these tools into how you can change your tax domicile. Everything on the platform is written by otonomos contributors from different parts of the world. As explained on the official website, the aim of Otonomos is to give user and users’ clients’ necessary tools that will help them move toward more autonomy in investing and business. The platform confidentially incorporates entities and provide ancillary services that range from mailing addresses and registered office to banking and residency.

Tools that Otonomos offers

Fiat Bank Accounts: Otonomus knows how and where to open a bank account for business or your personal uses.

Business Setup and registration: by using the Otonomos platform you get to know where to registers your company and at the same time how to arbitrage jurisdictions.

Crypto custody solutions: learn about holding entities and cold-storage for your digital assets. You will also get to learn how to open an exchange account on the platform.

Fund formation and admin: Otonomos helps you to start your own fund via their flat-packed legal structure. This advantage works also in some of the best and most optimized jurisdiction in the world.

Residency and passports: as long as you use the platform you get advice on a second passport and residency routes that can you can use to optimize for wealth protection and privacy.

Mailing and privacy services: as explained on the website, you get a business and private mailing addresses that are fully encrypted and have anonymous hosting.

Smart contract project work: Otonomos team can help you convert analog governance and constitution rules into smart contracts in order to manage your entities.

Entity cascades and tax structures: users can also benefit from the expertise of the team behind the platform. Their expertise will teach you on how the stack entities and how to optimize for personal and corporate tax.

The ICO: Using the legal stack, users can benefit from expertise offer on the platform on how to structure your ICO and the token sale.

Otonomos products

Some of the products available on the platform include:

  • Cayman Ltd
  • Delaware C-Corp
  • Hong Kong Ltd
  • Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Wyoming LLC
  • Curacao Foundation.

These are some of the jurisdiction used by the Otonomos platform and the team behind it. Otnonomos accept multiple cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash for their services

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