What is OriginTrail?

OriginTrail (Trac)




In today’s interconnected world, the supply chain process setup is obsolete due to data fragmentation and ineffective decentralized solutions. There are many data siloes exist across supply chains. There are no lasting solutions that provide the needed level of scalability, trust, and performance for interconnected data.  OriginalTrail is a crypto platform that provides automatic data connection and interoperability between supply chain organizations using a consensus mechanism for ensuring data integrity. It also focuses on providing a specialized decentralize system solution for scalability issues, performance, and cost.

OriginTrail features

Some of the features that make OriginTrail a better place for your supply chain performance and data integrity include:

Consensus checks within supply chains.

To ensure data integrity, the platform performs cross-reference checks of independence.  It also provides data with a supply chain by implementing consensus checks algorithms and utilizing the power of zk-SNARKS for sensitive information.

Standards for data exchange

OriginalTrail provides interoperability by use of recognized GS1 standards for data exchange and common IoT protocols.

Tamper-proof blockchain agnostic system

The platform utilizes the blockchain technology of the user’s choice to provide a data mutability protection layer.

Seamless data sharing

An OriginTrail data layer is based on a decentralized graph database to allow for performance, flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. It also allows for simple and fast manipulation of complex hierarchical supply chain data.

Trac token

The Trac token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Trac token is the only means of compensation between supply chai data consumers and producers and the Original node holders on the other side. The token provides the incentive to nodes in the P2P network to help in the system functionalities.

Trace token use cases

  • Discover and connect functionalities
  • Supply chain consensus checks
  • Data replication checks
  • Filtering and delivering supply chain data
  • Data quality checks
  • Data storage and management

Token sale

OriginTrial pre-sale will be launched from 15 January and ends on 28 January and immediately followed with the crowdsale which will start on 29 January to February 12th, 2018. The crowdsale hard cap is targeted and $22.5 million. I Trac will be equal to 0.5 % ETH during the token sale. To participate in the crowdsale and presale, you need to be added to the whitelist.


The team mission is building transparency in the supply chains. OriginTrail is led by co-founder and CEO Tomaz Levak, co-founder and COO Ziga Drev and co-founder and CTO Branimir Rakin among others.



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