What is Orchid?

Orchid Protocol



When the internet was invented, people from all walks of life were meant to use it, but unfortunately, only a fraction of the world population is using. Most people are restricted from using the internet or the internet is censored. Even those who use it still face issues such as openness and freedom. Orchid is in the process of building what will be the most reliable and resilient too to ensure the internet remains accessible globally.

What is Orchid Protocol?

The Orchid protocol is a decentralized, open-sourced technology from an internet. The Orchid protocol is committed to ending censorship and surveillance on the internet. The protocol uses an overlay network that is upon the already existing exchange, creating an inclusive and liberated internet.  Orchid is a new censorship-free, surveillance-free layer that allows users to bypass access information, firewalls and communicate freely.

How does the orchid protocol work?

Being a fully decentralized protocol that runs on top of the internet, Orchid allows users to access an uncensored internet and pay Bandwidth contributors through a peer-to-peer exchange using Orchid tokens. Because neither payments nor the traffic will be monitored by any central authorities, both contributors and consumers will enjoy a surveillance-free experience that if fully anonymous.

What is Orchid Purpose?

The main purpose of the Orchid protocol is to make the internet free of censorship and surveillance.  The team behind the protocol plans to work on the core technology of Orchid until they have a solution that will prove anonymous and uncensored.

Who is behind Orchid Protocol?

Orchid is founders by five-member who include entrepreneurs, technologist, and blockchain experts. Stephen Bell is one of the founders together with Jay Freeman, Brian J. Fox, Dr. Steven Waterhouse and Gustav Simonsson. Stephan spent 10 years banking Chinese’s seed stage startups. He was working in the US and China before founding another company called Trilogy VC China. Bryan is an open-sourced advocate and an entrepreneur. Jay in a software engineer and developer, while Gustav is also an engineer and developer. Dr. Steven is an experienced entrepreneur and an investor. He is also the co-founder of RPX Corp.

Orchid token

The Orchid token is an ERC20-compatible token that has additional features that support extremely low transaction costs.


The Orchid protocol is available in private alpha, which selects recipients. The orchid software will be published to the open source community late 2017 and a public beta on the protocol will be offered early 2018. The public Beta the Orchid Protocol makes internet freedom a reality.

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