Orbitcoin (ORB)




Orbitcoin (ORB) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which allows its users to store, receive, and send payment with the use of their electronic wallet. ORB is a government-free currency, which means there will be no banks, organizations, or any central entity that will control how the whole system will work.


ORB was born from the internet; it was founded by Jonathan Weston, he’s from England, he has been actively promoting the Orbitcoin society on Twitter. Weston and his team’s main aim is to make payments more secure, easier, and cheaper in both worlds.


The ORB was referred as the coin which is born from the Internet because Weston is a crypto enthusiast and he decided to build a currency just like USD and EURO to become an alternative payment method that people can use. The Orbitcoins increasingly gain exposure in some developing countries.


How ORB works?


The users will just have to download an Orbitcoin wallet that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and other available options that are enlisted in their website (orbitcoin.org). After getting the ORB wallet on your computer, you will have to get some Orbitcoins on your account, which you can either buy it on various market exchanges or earn it from faucets and giveaways for free. You can also use your computer resources to make some Orbitcoins.  


Is Orbitcoin free of charges?


According to the official website of Orbitcoin, they have stated the ORBs will be free of charges and will always be; it is part of the project’s plan to make ORB an open-source platform for everyone in the world to use. Most of the transactions will be free, but in rare cases, there will be minimal fees (about 0.01 ORB) that will be deducted to process large transactions.


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