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Opporty is a decentralized, self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform and service marketplace. The platform offers a decentralized Escrow system and blockchain-powered contracts. It also puts client-contracts relations on the blockchain. Opporty is the best place you can find top-notch service providers at the lowest possible cost and with guaranteed results.


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Features of Opporty

There are five main reasons why you should use the Opporty platform. They include:

Genuine digital reputation

Many businesses out there manipulate their rating in a bid to attract more customers. They do this by leaving fake reviews. Opporty has developed a complex system to put an end to fake review and manipulation of rating. The system, of reputation building, is based on the behavior patterns and sealed on the Blockchain.

Live business ecosystem

Opporty is a decentralized platform that has digital democracy on board. It is not just another marketplace as is provides the creative freedom that stimulated growth. On its official website, is explains the platform as Wikipedia and Alibaba put together.

Outstanding customer protection

The platform offers decentralized Escrow. The escrow is provided by experts as well as enforceable electronic agreements that can be automatically executed using oracles.

Multiple user interfaces

If you are that kind of a person that wants to interact with Opporty using multiple ways. You can easily do via mobile app, a chatbot or via web. The platform uses the best UI/UX practices to make user’s life easier.

Community of experts

Opporty ecosystem uses the help of Proof-of-Expertise to distinguish the real gurus of various niches on the platform. PoE consists of three parameters. They are content written for Opporty’s knowledge base, real-world licenses and certificates and the amount and quality of services provided on the platform.


Opporty roadmap

Three weeks after the launch of the platform, Opporty reached a peak of 1000+ verified profiles from legal company’s professional in their marketplace. It also has over 10 experts contributing and sharing their knowledge in the blog section of the platform.

Who is behind Opporty?

The idea to create a service marketplace appeared in 2012. While researching the markets of the CIS, USA and China, Opporty’s founder, Sergey Grybniak, realized that the idea of a service marketplace has great potential. Building a business takes a lot of effort and time on the part of business owners, with no promise of achieving success. Opporty was developed as an integrated solution to the problems that small- and mid-sized business owners face at different stages of development:

  • Market and target audience analysis.
  • Company launch and client acquisition.
  • Business development and reputation building.

Opporty was founded by Sergey Grybniak in 2017. Same years, during the active phase of development and market research, the team decided to implement blockchain technology in the near future to expand Opporty’s functionality. During the same period, the team laid the groundwork to launch an ICO, to raise additional funds for project development.

Opporty employs more than 50 specialists in a wide range of fields: development, digital marketing, design, QA and more. Twenty-two specialists are involved in ICO-related processes. The ICO team includes:

Management: 3 specialists, including Sergey Grybniak.
Development: 10 specialists.
Marketing: 7 specialists.
Communications: 2 specialists.

On Opporty’s team of advisors, there are 18 experts with global reputations who will provide support to the project during the active phase of the ICO: Henry Ines, David Drake, Wulf Kaal, Ricky NG, Marc Kenigsberg, Serhii Lubkin, Esteban Van Goor, Desmond Marshall, Sead Muftic, Alex Bilichenko, David Treyster, Andrey Saraev, Elie Galam, Michael Kapilkov, Alex Komyagin, Sergei Logvin, Konstantin Kalinichenko and Tzvi Shishler.

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