What is OpenChat?

OpenChat (Chatcoin)




The blockchain technology is the most popular topic in this era. The topic is above social trends and other crucial topics which indicated the arrival of a new era. To start with, the blockchain technology has seen an increase in major cryptocurrency platform leverages its power to enable low-cost and low-latency information exchange among others. One such platform in the OpenChat project. The OpenChat project is a distributed blockchain-based protocol BIMP. The BIMP protocol includes the BeeChat, which is an instance massager light wallet application also based on the Blockchain cross-link technology. BeeChat gives its full support to OpenChat projects.

Benefits of OpenChat

Services billion real users: the OpenChat protocol supports radiation of emerging countries and markets for billions of users. The project is on its way to becoming the most used blockchain project in the world and will continue to develop a diversified market for its users.

Senior R & D team support: According to the official website, the OpenChat project supports hundred people of R & D team’s technology accumulation.

Multivariate structure: Social network links hundreds of users and digital currency wallets provide asset management solutions at the same time connecting major digital currency exchanges globally.

The BeeChat

The BeeChat is a decentralized application runs under the protocol framework provided by the OpenChat protocol. The application uses financial incentives to bring digital services and application in the OpenChat ecosystem in form of wallets and communications. Beechat is committed to providing support for OpenChat project development and the project will continue to conduct decentralized research using the support.


Digital Currency golden Boxes

The future of the Blockchain technology lies in the Golden boxes. The Golden boxes give great pressure and you don’t need to worry about the coins as OpenChat will send you a Golden box coupon.

Virtual Wallet

Each user on the protocol will have a virtual digital wallet associated with their interface to allow the most when it comes to wallet interaction.

Media ecology

The Media ecology allows for a set of moments, news, transaction, and quotes all in one dynamic display area.

Application network

Users have the opportunity to download products provided by application developers on the platform.


Social using the Chat function, users can stay in touch with friends and family. They can also build their social circle using the Social feature.


The OpenChat protocol will use the CHATCOIN as its primary token, the token will be used during the ICO, team building, ecological building and brand promotion.


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