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ONG.Social is a blockchain-based completely revolutionized decentralized social network. The social media platform dashboard is based on the Blockchain technology that helps it provide ease of control for decentralized social media. The platform is all about privacy, encryption, community and rewarding content through the use of the blockchain technology. In addition to that, the social network supports community building and social interaction with the cryptocurrency rewards. The network has also taken over the social media industry with an easy to control dashboard.

ONG.SOcial Features

Building using dual Blockchain technology

The network is built on the wave and the Ethereum blockchain which gives ONG the social network the benefits of stability, redundancy and security. ONG advertises itself as the second company in the history to use the Ethereum and the Wave blockchain. The formula has proved to be an effective and efficient solution compared to other cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

The use of Dual blockchain also helps the ERC20 standards to set a precedent for creating a token with a tested rule set. It also allows ONG to analyze and modify all the algorithm that help in the distribution of token at the same time compromising the security layer on its token itself.

Backed by IBM

There are only a few blockchain based companies backed by the IBM. ONG Social in one of them. ONG Social know the benefits and potential the project has and the impact that it will have on social media. IBM has increased value on ONG projects and the indication is that your investment is safe in the hands of ONG.

Tested and proven

Since its inception, ONG platform has been tested by many people and it has been proven. It lives online and you can test it out if you want to know how it works. ONG social is also using a proven idea and taking them into their blockchain. That fact that it was functioning before its increased value after the ICO means it’s efficient and reliable.

Amazing projects

One of the things that attract people to ONG is its amazing projects such as Storj and Golem. Golem is an encryption project that focuses on decentralizing supercomputing power and Storj is a decentralized blockchain system for distributing nodes to store data.

ONG.Social in short is a project that empowers and adds value to its user’s life. With its social Dashboard, millions of members have joined worldwide. You can join the network where you can chat, talk, send SMS and explore all you want.

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