What is Olympus Labs?

Olympus Labs (MOT)



For cryptocurrency enthusiast, they have found it difficult to find a cryptocurrency products that profit in all market conditions. But things are set to change with Olympus labs. Olympus Labs is a groundbreaking financial ecosystem that defines the cryptocurrency protocol for financial products. The ecosystem offers investors a comprehensive financial marketplace where they can find financial produces services and applications related to their investment needs. Olympus labs also provide investors with tools to construct a well-diversified portfolio to make positive returns and hedge their downside risk in all market conditions.

Features of the Olympus Labs ecosystem.

The Olympus Labs ecosystem has a vision of building a decentralized, privacy-preserving ecosystem of financial application, products, and services. The ecosystem also plans to provide users with unrestricted access. To accomplish all these and achieve its vision, the ecosystem has an app, wallet, financial product marketplace, zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption, structural simplicity and financial products protocol have its features.

Problems Olympus seeks to solve.

Some of the problems Olympus seeks to solve include:

  • Slow adaptability
  • Lack of product transparency
  • Inefficient trading system
  • Centralizing of power
  • High transaction fees
  • Lack of crypto-based products.

Why Olympus

There are many reasons why you need to consider choosing Olympus Labs for your investments and product creation. The ecosystem offers investors user-friendly interface and one-stop shop for financial products and services. It offers product creators full development toolkit, zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption. Partners on the other and provide Olympus derivative products to their users and exchanges and funds from increase size of market and volume of trading among other reasons.

Token and token distribution

The Olympus labs use its token for any transaction on the platform. The token distribution is as follows:

  • System incentive 8% given to block creators and verifiers
  • Business Partnerships (8%) to be distributed over the course of the partnership or according to specific terms of contract
  • Developer Community (8%) for building a network of developers and D-App development community.
  • Early Supporters (8%): for rewarding supported by the project
  • Token Sale (40%): distributed at the end of ICO with no lock-up period
  • Team (20%) distributed over a period of 2 years
  • Foundation (8%): share for community building and events

A total of 100 million tokens were available for distribution.


Olympus Labs was founded by Kai, who is also the CEO. Danielle is the COO and co-founder, SVP of operations is Sebastian and Noelle the digital marketing manager.

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