What is Okcash?

OKCash (OK)



If you have not already heard about the OKCash, OKCash is an awesome Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that was rebranded recently after being asleep for about a year. The cryptocurrency was created back in 2014 but was rebranded in 2015 after a takeover by lead developer OKtoshi. Since then OKCash has slowly been gaining ground and has now become a popular community-based coin. OKcash is an interesting coin as it is a Proof of Stake and there is nothing revolutionary going on under the hood. Oktoshi is one of the friendlier, more agreeable and smarter small coin developers. The developers have created and maintained the likes of ROKOS, which is a Linux-based operating system and know they are dealing with OKCash too.

OKCash features

OKCash is a digital coin that is simple to use and fun to share. You can promote your business, makes a payment and share your tokens with family and friends. Some of the features that make OKCash a unique crypto network are:

  • No bank fees: because it is a decentralized digital currency, meaning banks don’t take a cut of your money.
  • Fast transaction: OKCash offers faster transaction that is really confirmations making all transactions virtually instantaneously.
  • Accept token worldwide: once you have an OKCash wallet, you can receive payments for goods and services worldwide. Before you receive accept payments, you need to display your unique address in the beginning.
  • Secure network: the OKCash network is one of the secure networks in the cryptocurrency world. It is decentralized, free from middlemen and gives you control of your finances.
  • OKCash Wallet: to receive and store OKcash, you need to have an OKcash wallet that is available in the OKCash network.

OKCash token

The OKCash token is used for the transaction in the OKCash network. The token can be purchased on Bleutrade and Bittrex and very soon people can also be able to buy it on Poloniex. Some of the factions that OKCash can do include faster and instant transaction and micropayments.

Being the next generation of digital currency, OKcash or OK as some people call it is open-source that is designed with a user-friendly interface and decentralized secure network to empower everyone. The platform offer services and transaction at lowest fees than other cryptocurrencies platform. It is designed for the public and moody controls or owns OKCash. Everyone can join, participate, discuss and get involved with all the project on the network without anybody controlling them.

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