What is Ofbank?

Ofbank (OFID)



As the internet and digital data keep evolving, many people are paying the prices and to some, it’s heavier than others. While we enjoy because of the digital data revolution, some of us also cry because hackers have found a way of stealing their identity and performing fraudulent transactions. However, with the inclusion of OFBANK in the current Identify Verification solutions, the platform hopes to offer users a revolutionary solution to IDV. Using the blockchain technology OFBANK plans to offer solutions for things like privacy issues, financial regulations requirement emerging making, insufficient in current solutions and much more.

What of OFBANK?

OFBABNK is a community trust and community chain where people from the various background can form a social collaboration and change the traditionally centralized corporation from centralized to decentralized community and partnership association. This is a foundation that OFID is built on.

OFBANK features

Smart contract auto-deploy

OFBANK can be optimized and more developers and users can gain access to blockchain filed through the platform. The OFBANK platform uses smart contracts to allow users to establish and release digital assets and collect funds. The team behind the platform hopes to provide efficient running of the social asset and to allow users to deploy smart contract in a much safer, efficient and convenient through optimized smart contract plans.

Distributed account system

Privacy protection and real-name system co-exist in OFBANK. Your account information is stirred in various nodes which makes it very difficult to disclose user’s privacy and information. This way the platform is able to solve issues and drag of the accounting system.

Games and gaming social

OFBANK wants to make distributed measurements of cryptography virtual currency more interesting and socialized by integrating games and gaming social. The performance and all efforts of the platform will be achieved using OFCOIN.

Cell phone mining

OFBANK has adapted to innovative consensus algorithm in a bid to support cell phone mining and mining in general. Users can save energy and receive the benefits by participating in the system operations like mining.


OFBANK team is led by Aimin Yi, a bachelor’s degree holder in mathematics, and Master’s Degree holder in computer engineering. Yi is also the Co-founder of the OFBANK project. Another key figure on the OFBANK team is Water. Water is an Ethereum Development specialist who has majored in digital information processing. OFBANK founder is Datong Liu, a senior successful internet entrepreneur. He is also a graduate of Northeastern University Computer.

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