What is Odyssey?


Sharing economy and peer to peer go hand in hand. The sharing economy industry has for long been facing issues that make it difficult for users to access some services or even complete them. However, the future of sharing economy is about to change using the Odyssey peer to peer ecosystem.

What is Odyssey?

Odyssey (OCN) is a P2P ecosystem with a mission of building the next-generation decentralized sharing economy. The ecosystem hops to increase marketplace efficiently reduce overall operating cost and boost ROI of product and service providers in the peer to peer ecosystem and the Global sharing economy. Using smart contracts, Ai, and Big data, Odyssey plans to empower the ecosystem with resolutions.

Benefits of Odyssey

There are many benefits of the OCN ecosystem. But the changes are divided into two. For ecosystem players and the ecosystem community. For OCN ecosystem players, they are set to benefit from:

  • Trustworthy and anonymous
  • Decentralized and minimum operation cost
  • Incentivized participation
  • Monetization
  • Open source and scalable
  • Autonomous and better compliance

For Peer to peer Ecosystem Community

  • Decentralized and Minimum transaction cost
  • Easter Monetization
  • Better matching and distribution
  • Quicker transaction without payment barriers
  • Decentralized and minimum transaction cost

Core values of Odyssey

The aim of the Odyssey is to build a faithful sharing economy system where users have:

  • Freedom to share. Everyone can contribute to ODYSSEY sharing economy. They are entitled to proportional profits for their contribution, according to the rewarding mechanism.
  • Everything is shared and can be connected. They have full ownership of both data process and created. The data created and processes must be freely owned and exchange for the right to participate sharing economy system.
  • Credit is the price and should be rewarded according to the credit protocol mechanism by ODYSSEY itself.
  • Unbiased and non-monopoly for everyone who wants to share economy on the platform.

Odyssey offers users an autonomous sharing economy platform.

The OCN Team

The ODYSSEY team comprises of advisory team and tech team. The Tech team is led by Ranron Liyu, Minxu Liu, Xianlong Shao and Hungfei Zhou among others. The advisory team, on the other hand, is led by Yi Shi, Justin Sun, Gih Jian Kai, and Teow Teck Toe among others.


The ODYSSEY protocol is set up with the approval of the ACRA and under supervision and regulation laws in Singapore. The protocol is the subject of the laws in Singapore. Member of the foundation doesn’t partake any distribution of profits. Anyone can participate in the sharing of the economy on the protocol.

The project is no longer live

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