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Octoin Coin (OCC)


Octoin is international, multi-featured cryptocurrency tracking platform. The platform caters to the crypto community in general. With a number of features and investment tools for earning, the main aim of the platform is to unite the world capital for professional influence with a mission to make the cryptocurrencies simple and affordable. The unity will allow Octoin to achieve their main ideas such as investing in ICO companies, use of efficient technologies, the pooling of capitals for trading and a number of promising altcoins.

Octoin features

Here are the core features of the Octoin platform:

  • P2P Exchange: the Platform can act as a P2P Exchange where people can change cryptocurrencies between themselves using a friendly user interface.
  • Octoin Cryptocurrency: Octoin uses its OctoinCoin token which is available from when the platform was launched.
  • Multi-Currency wallet: the advantage of having a multi-currency wallet is to help its users convenient while shopping online.
  • News and Analysis: users can stay up to date with what is happening in the cryptocurrency world by logging in to Octoin.com.
  • Partnership program: Octoin promises to pay those engaging in its multilevel marketing/pyramid scheme-style affiliate referral system a 7th level income.
  • Multilingual technical support: users don’t need to understand only one language, the platform offers understandable support in all languages.
  • Automated platform: the platform is fully automated and offers fully automated services.

Octoin Units

The Octoin platform has 9 units at the moment. These units include:

  • Mining department: offers technical support of computing capacity, existing mining farms, replacement, expansion of computing capacities and farm areas, and replacement and upgrade of equipment.
  • Technical support department: this department is a multilingual department for supporting customers as at all stages.
  • Cryptocurrency development department: its work it to optimize transaction speed and at the same time minimize the costs within the Octoin Coin network.
  • Trading department: conducts trade on top-level trading grounds
  • Analytics Department: leads the behaviors of the market, the time of buying and selling tokens, the strategy of operation and the ICO flow analytics.
  • Marketing department: carries out promotions, marketing, advertising campaigns and own OctoinCoin currency.
  • Legal depart: deals with all legal issues, offer legal support and confidentiality.
  • Program department: the depart that caters for server support, technical support of users, site update, development and improvement of modules.
  • Multicurrency wallet and P2P-Exchange department: controls operations carried out by users.


The team is balanced and time-tested. The platform operates with market leaders and large funds to minimize risk in all areas of activity. Each member of the team is responsible for supplementing and strengthening other possibilities.

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