What is Obsidian?

Obsidian (ODN)


Obsidian (ODN) is a blockchain-based platform. It provides users the secure anonymous messaging platform via its ODN cryptocurrency. Its first offerings include an anonymous message as well as a secure cryptocurrency. Moreover, the Obsidian developers are planning to continue building an application to grow their ecosystem in the near future. The platform used services nodes and master nodes since it is C# blockchain based platform on Straits. The core feature is the secure messenger or OSM as known by its users.

The Message app was available for public alpha testing from August 2017. Actually, for those who want to know more about the platform and the messenger, they can review it in action online today. The massager though is not currently built on the Blockchain platform, but it’s coming soon.

ODN Secure Messenger features

The overall goal of Obsidian is to offer users a range of apps and services based on the blockchain. Right now, though, the OSM is the core application and promises to private and secure messaging for all. Some of the features of this messenger include:


Obsidian ensures messages, videos, files and other data sent using the platform is never accessed by anyone that is not intended to, it uses the end encryption to make sure of that.


the platform offer completely decentralized services since it is built into the Obsidian Bloch chain. Features found on the platform other platforms like Threema and Signal don’t have.

Timed auto deletion:

Obsidian offers timed auto deletion for messengers that you don’t need to make sure no one will ever access them.


Obsidian provides end to end, Sha512 encryption algorithm that makes sure messages and files sent can only be accessed by intended private contracts.

Stratis core:

another feature that is more usable with net Core technologies. The labor is the custom version of the Stratis technology stack with a customized version of NBitcoin.

The ODN Currency

Obsidian use the ODN digital currency as its traditional currency. The ODN is 100% PoS NetGen digital token that developers plan to integrate it into future apps. The token is built directly into the messenger service and its value derived from the hosting and usage of the entire Obsidian Platform. Token holders can mint the ODN token the PoS system.

The main benefit of Obsidian is that it offers a powerful end to end encryption. The currency is used to power its ecosystem and development of the Obsidian platform.

The project is no longer live

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