What is Obits?

OBITS-Decentralized Autonomous Exchange


OBITS is a decentralized Autonomous exchange that gives you a chance to profit from the wild swings in prices of the cryptocurrency markets. Therefore OBITS can be described as a way of empowering users to profit from the crypto markets with fully understand it or a comprehensive background either in the blockchain technology or trading strategies. The tokens are hosted on OpenLedger which means it is suitable for exchange holdings. Unlike banks, the project does not depend on fractional reserves. It is based on blockchain technology offers by Bitshares.


OBITS Video Explanation

What are the key features of OBITS?

OBITS has three key features: decentralized, autonomous and exchange.   Here is how the key features can help you.


Being a decentralized platform, it means no single person, entity, government or bank, including the CEO, has access to the funds or makes decisions regarding the organization. User’s funds are well protected from hackers by being distributed on computers across the world. The distribution process protects the funds from any damage and from hackers.


OBITS run its transaction using the OpenLedger. OpenLedger runs its business using enforced codes decisions. Humans are susceptible to emotions like greed, however, when profit splits are pre-encoded in the OBITS system, it is complete and reliable. It increases trust in the system.


The exchange is the third key features of the platform. It empowers retail consumers from the globe to swap their digital or fiat currencies for other cryptocurrencies. The process allows for profit by taking a small percentage of each withdrawal, percentage, deposits or exchange and send out to anyone the holds the OBITS token.

When a person is holding the OBITS token, it allows them not become a part owner of the OpenLedger bright future. Owners have access to shares all the profits issued by the organization. Buying OBITS is equivalent to buying stakes in a ground-breaking technology. Once the company starts making profits, you are entitled to the profits too.

Unlike bitcoin, OBITS is not subjected to extreme market volatility, market manipulation or vagaries of the market. Since the product is penetrating the new markets, it has an upwards development path. OBITS is listed on Major Altcoin Exchanges such as Livecoin.

OBITS token

Obits Token can be used on different crypto exchanges. Token owners are entitled to the share profits on OpenLedger and any projects that will be added in the future. OBITS uses a new approach to increase the value on the token and investors’ capital, you can find more on their website.


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