What is Nxt Platform?

NXT Platform (NXT)




Nxt is a decentralized platform which allows its users to create their application. The platform provides a so-called, “modular tool set” which is described as a powerful tool that could make it easier for developers to make applications. The Nxt platform is not limited to an “app maker” function, but it also allows its users to create their projects that they can trade using their wallets online. According to its developers, the reason behind its name is because they believe that it will be the “NEXT” step in the evolution of cryptocurrency.

Nxt video explanation

Nxt features


Asset Exchange


This feature allows the users to complete and create their asset projects which can be traded. The asset exchange that the platform offers is direct, stable, and secure. It will be done through the peer-to-peer trading method, which does not need any third parties to complete the asset exchange. Thus, providing low-cost fees to users.


Monetary system


Within the Nxt platform, users will also be allowed to exchange, trade, and share other currencies that are supported by Nxt. The user can also create their digital currency.


Data Cloud


Another feature that the Nxt platform can provide is data cloud, where users can store their important documents and files. The storing process can be done securely, simply, and efficiently. The verification and publication will be done on the NXT blockchain.


Voting system


Users will be allowed to create customized polls that are needed to be verified in the Nxt blockchain. This provides an equal chance for every participant to express their opinions and thoughts.


Account control


With Nxt, users are allowed to create multi-signature accounts, securely. The accounts will be kept safe and autonomous.



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