What is NVO?



NVO is a new decentralized exchange that promises to offer users a secure and private platform where they can perform there exchanges services. NVO allows for direct exchanges between two wallets without the use of its token or the proxy tokens. NVO has two main components that make the exchange unique. It has the:

Validator: validator is used to match orders and processes a raw transaction. It runs on the SafeNetwork and does not sign transaction or hold funds.

NVO Wallet: the NVO wallet is an open source wallet used for storing crypto-assets. The keys are client-side created and can never be shared with other servers.

What are the benefits of using NVO?

Using NVO exchanges has several benefits attached to it. Since NVO is a unique decentralized exchange, it promises to offer users some of its major benefits over the competitions. These benefits include”

Privacy: no private and any personal data is given or shared with other platforms. Using the SafeNetwork application, NVO secures all the communications on the platform.

Full Autonomy: NVO allows users full control over their assets. The control is allowed even during exchanges and other services at all time.

Secure: nobody wants to use an exchange that is not secure. NVO knows this and that’s why they have assets locked in each wallet’s local storage away from hackers and any servers.

Store multiple assets: through an open plugins system, users can store as many assets as they want. The assets can be different from each other.

Assets and assets: NVO allows a direct exchange between wallets without using the Proxy token.

Integrated Platform: NVO bridge utilities from projects such as the XRP fiat gateway to create its integrated platform and be dynamic.

Like other exchanges, the NVO exchange has invested a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure the platform has easy to use features. One feature that the NVO exchange has been the NVO wallet. The NVO wallet has the following features:

  • Offline storage and management
  • Multiple languages
  • Support for ETH token
  • Account management
  • Users control private keys on their wallets
  • The wallet is available on Linus, OSK, and Windows
  • Light nodes

Addresses management. Use of random password generates using other providers of random data or the CPU entropy.

NVO management team

Yanni Bragui is the CTO and lead developer on the exchange and Ton Bi the co-founder and CEO. Ton Bi has years of experience of growth hacking for startups while Yanni has over 14 years of experience in software engineering.


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