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Since the beginning, humans have been striving to survive. Especially, learn, adapt and move in a direction that is sustainable for human’s future generations. The desire to live and find new things has improved the lives of many. At the same time brought the beginning of the blockchain technology and other technologies. With the blockchain technology, every day we see new platform being formed using the technology. NULS is one of them. NULS is a blockchain that enables extendibility using modules, sub-chains, and smart contracts. It also acts as an open source project. That separates its features and characteristics into customizable modules like multiple chains and smart contracts.

NULS features and benefits

Ease of use

First, NULS has developed a reduced learning curve. By hiding the complexity from those who want to use the blockchain. The goal of hiding complexity is to improve development time. By providing a simple programmable environment. That cares for the less experienced developers. At the same time facilitate from the more experienced developers.

High performance

In addition, NULS knows the limitations of the current blockchains. Furthermore, the importance of offering users a high-performance blockchain. It is committed to solving the current issues in the blockchain industry for widespread adoption. To achieve these, the blockchain use parallels expansion technology. Through the multi-chain system where millions of transactions per second.

Adaptable to various application scenarios

The developers can take advantage of the application layer support designed as part of the platform. Hence, the layer allows developers to perform basic tasks. As well use other modular parts like a multi-chain system and smart contracts.

Balance in confidentiality and transparency of data

Best of all, business and organizations that want to use the NULS blockchain, they can be assured of data transparency and confidentiality. NULS takes both of them are of utmost importance. Using the open-source and transparent nature of the Blockchain technology. NULS use of the new technology to protect users’ confidentiality.

NULS token

Specifically, NULS token is used to promote the entire NULS ecosystem. The token is used to support applications. As well as pay for application cost. Equally important, supporting NULS development and  reward miners. In conclusion, it help perform an exchange for sub-chain digital assets. In order to pay transaction fees on the ecosystem.

NULS team

The NULS team is well-versed and highly experienced in the blockchain technology. Jason Zhang the developer is the founder of Nuls. He has over 7 years in the programming field. In addition 6 years of experience in the banking security sector. NULS was also co-founded by Lily Wang and Reaper Ran. Wang is also the COO and Ran the Community Leader on the blockchain.


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