What is Notary?

Notary Platform (NTRY)


One method people use to reduce the cost of living is purchasing second-hand goods. Most people at one point have bought something like used cars, home, and other personal things, but they always wonder if the things they have bought is in a pristine condition. To prevent a scenario where you might need legal help to agree if something went wrong, the Notary Platform can help you. The Notary platform is an application for the general public. The application enables users to engage in business and contracts on the go.

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How does the Notary Platform work?

The Notary Platform works in a very simple manner. The fact that it is available in form of a mobile app makes it even simpler. What you need to do is download the Notary Platform mobile app on your phone. If you want to purchase a car, open the Notary Platform mobile app, download a template and insert key information about the contract on the template. The process does not end there, you can take a photo or video of the car, the state in which the car and add to the contract for safety. The all these processes, the last step involves signing the contract with your fingerprint. After you sign, the app sends copies of the contract to both your email and the seller email.

All the data in form of videos, pictures, audio and much more are sent through blockchain. The blockchain creates and corresponds timestamps for the files. The result gives you immutable proof that the original of the digital document is sufficient and true.

Notary token

Notary platform uses the Notary token (NTRY) as its utility token. The token is intended to play two crucial roles in the platform ecosystem. One, it serves as a means of financing services offered by the ecosystem such as securing contract template and timestamping. Secondly, as the platform matures and moves towards creating its blockchain network, the token will serve as a Proof of Stake to allow the network stay secure and run smoothly.

Who can use the notary platform app?

The Notary platform team is making several versions of the app. The apps are meant for different markets such as covering the relations between two Persons (C2C), for business purposes (B2B and B2C) and for governmental purposes (G2B and G2C).

The Notary platform ecosystem foundry by Iztok Perus who is also the CDIO and co-founder Bilal Arif who is also the CIO. They have a team of experienced personnel, developers, and advisors among them.

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