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If you have ever tried to tell someone about the blockchain technology and Bitcoin, chances are they either found it confusing, wasn’t excited about it or they did not understand what the big deal was. As a matter of fact, some will look at you in a funny way when you start to tell them about a decentralized ledger that is publicly available, records data over time and the data can't be deleted. Describing the blockchain technology’s advances is not an easy task and asking people to try a cryptocurrency is not a better idea either. These barriers keep blockchain technology true potential from being unleashed because people don’t understand the way it works and they want nothing to do with it.

But things are different when discussing Nimiq. Nimiq is the first browser-based blockchain build for average internet users. It is created with a feature-rich browser-based light client in mind. The open protocol used by Nimiq aims to translate blockchain components to that of a website platform. Its objective is to simplify the peer-to-peer payments, improving them in the process as well as lower the entry for blockchain technology.

The Nimiq blockchain uses the browser nodes and backbone nodes as the nodes that support its platform. The browser nodes are responsible for making earning mining rewards capable but act as a light client whereas the backbone nodes are used for storing data and maintain consensus held on the blockchain. The Nimiq’s team believes that the cause of the adoption problem in the blockchain is the lack of simplicity, such as scalability, speed, and ease of use. They believe that everyone will transact on the blockchain technology in the future if the solutions are found and made.


Designed to be used by many people

Nimiq was designed to be used by millions of users, it is a mass adoption system that is built using the web’s native language, JavaScript, meaning users’ needs a web browser to access the system. These are the features of Nimiq blockchain:

  • A browser wallet
  • A browser-based and light client with scheme of 1 MB which can be synchronized to any device
  • A browser-based minor interface
  • Instantaneous transactions based and enable by a side-chain protocol

Nimiq light-weight model allows users to transact without having to pay more fees than necessary when using the services provided on the platform. It off a standard ERC20 Token as an interim token. Being a browser-based blockchain, Nimiq offers virtually endless possibilities for its users.



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