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Nexus was founded by Colin Cantrell. Colin is the son of Jim Cantrell, who is one of the founding members of SpaceX. His father also became the co-founder of a company named Vector Space Systems. This company is in the preparation of launching affordable satellites of small sizes, which are called CubeSats.

Its website states that it aims to free humankind from the usual centralized systems. Also, it says that it will decentralize the decentralization. By the use of software and hardware, it aims to build the most decentralized system. The website also states that not all people have money, but every people have time. That is their motivational statement to help open the minds of individuals around the world.


How does it work?

The Nexus network works to allow decentralized transactions.  Its network is being distributed through three channels of security. The three channels which the Nexus system is being circulated are Hash Mining, Prime Mining, and Nexus Proof of Stake.

Nexus is also aiming to build partnerships with aerospace industry. They are hoping to broadcast the Nexus network and the blockchain from space. Nexus system takes security seriously. It has checks and balances in its consensus and Trust Keys. Nexus also has Network recognized Reputation.

Nexus Video explanation 


As a matter of fact, Nexus is the most secure cryptocurrency today. It is even more secure than Bitcoin due to its Quantum Computer Resistant Private Keys. This feature has 571-bit encryption. Nexus is one of the cryptocurrencies out there that deserves more attention due to its good potential.



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