What is Nexium?

Nexium (NXC)


Many people know the beyond The Void game. Beyond The Void is an ongoing Technique/RTS computer-based game. To get an idea of what it is, it’s comparable to DOTA 2 in space. Two players play against each other on a space front line trying to get control over the cosmic system. The diversion of beyond The Void games is intended to be fruitful and playable in E-sports competitions. What makes beyond The Void game different for other computer games is the fact that it uses a cryptocurrency called the Nexium. What is Nexium and how does it work?

What is Nexium (NXC)?

Nexium is a cryptocurrency coin used for in-game purchase on the crypto market, although the cryptocurrency ecosystem already has other in-game purchases cryptocurrencies, Nexium is a new and prefer perfect in the gaming industry and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The multi-billion gaming industry no longer relies on big game studios like Valve, EA Sports, and Ubisoft. Developers from all over the world are coming up with various creations across different genres. After the MMORPGs games, the second most popular genre of games is the MOBA games. Beyond The Void is one such MOBA game. It is a free-to-play game that has more than one in-game cryptocurrency economy. The use of cryptocurrency in games is not new. Games have been using digital coins even before Bitcoin became widespread.

Even though many people associate the Nexium coin with Beyond The void game, NXC can be used in other games too. The creator of Beyond The Void game, Maxence Burgel announced the launch of an ICO to further expand the use of NXC blockchain technology in gaming. The NXC signifies a stake in the in-game cryptocurrency.


How the Nexium works

During ICO, gamers, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts buy the Nexium (NXC) token and own the game alongside with other producers and developers. Gamers who have NxC token can use them to buy in-game items or even trade with other gamers. In addition, they can trade on leading cryptocurrency platforms.

The ongoing Beyond The Void NxC organized in partnership with OpenLadger. The partnership offers investors opportunities to participate in the crowdfunding campaign. Investors and gamers from the cryptocurrency community have the opportunity to buy NXC tokens via the Beyond The game website or use the CCEDK ICO platform to subscribe for the tokens. They can also buy ICOO digital tokens as they allow investors and gamers to buy into all the crowdsale including NXC.


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