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Neverdie (NDC)


Neverdie (NDC) is a blockchain based Ethereum game that lets users use their tokens to perform a diverse range of task on the Neverdie platform. Neverdie platform is found online on the Neverdie platform. It is an ambitious Ethereum-based blockchain project that aims at creating a gaming platform for its users. It ICO was recently launched into the ICO market with a goal of developing a platform API for monetized gaming infrastructure. The gaming infrastructure is meant to support a trillion dollar virtual goods economy and the Neverdie token known as the NDC is at the center of this project economy.

Neverdie wants to encourage all its users and other developers to make their own mobile app, VR, and AR. You can trade your Neverdie token for other currencies or win prizes in a variety of eSports and other events competition. You can also use the NDC token for completing an in-game task. When creating a mobile app or VR or AR, the token is at the center of these apps. So for the NDC token can be used in games called ROCKtropia, AmeVRica, and AsgardVR.


Neverdie features

The Neverdie platform has features that make everything easy in the gaming industry. You can buy the NDC token and use them towards different task on the Neverdie platform. To start, you need to download the Neverdie Wallet, currently in the alpha form. The wallet supports the Mist browser, MetaMask and parity. After downloading, you are then allowed to participate in the following tasks:

  • Exchange: you can exchange the NDC token with other currencies in the crypto world.
  • Vote: vote in election and proposal on the Neverdie platform
  • Start a VR business: use your tokens to engage and create a VR Business to earn real cash.
  • Fund: funding different developments of new apps, DApps and new records.
  • Play games: use your Neverdie coins to play games like ROCKtropia, AmeVRica and AsgardVR.

The Neverdie platform and website incorporate other odd parts. It has a scrolling banner featuring the names of largest media outlets in the world. Neverdie claims to be featured on The Verge, the BBC, The New York Times, TechCrunch, the Discovery channel, Huffington Post and the Guinness World records among others. In reality, it is not the Neverdie coin that is featured on all of this platform, but it is Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs, an entrepreneur who is famous for earning a lot of money in the Entropia Universe. He is the founder of Neverdie.




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